Employee Engagement

Years ago organizations concerned themselves with employee job satisfaction or job enrichment.  However, the tides have shifted and today we are more focused on creating greater employee engagement— where employees are fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and as such will take positive actions to enhance the organization’s performance and reputation.  In other words, the organization has the heart and soul of the employee.  All else equal, it is expected that a highly engaged employee will remain with the company and may also be expected to outperform those with “low” levels of employee engagement.

employee engagement


Through the use of surveys and in depth research studies several key drivers of employee engagement have been identified and center on some common areas:

  • Employee perceptions of job importance
  • Clarity of job roles & expectations
  • Career development opportunities
  • Regular feedback and dialogue with their supervisors – a relationship!
  • Effective two-way communications between employees and management
  • Quality of working relationships with colleagues – positive team experience.


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