Organization Development (OD)

Where are you today and where are you going?  Understanding your “current” state and your “to be” state are fundamental when linking organizational strategy and design to your overall business strategy and operational plan.  We have over two decades of experience in designing organization structures and identifying critical roles to help you execute your business strategy most effectively. Using proven tools, we work to understand your specific market, customers, operating philosophies and value proposition to best identify structures and models that will support your desired outcomes.

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The overall objective of OD is to enhance an organization’s capacity to handle its internal and external operations and balance a wide array of relationships. This includes a broad variety of focused efforts:  examples can include designing a new or more customer-centric organization, clarifying roles & responsibilities, improving team decision-making, enhancing two-way communications, strengthening leadership skills, effectively resolving conflict, or promoting higher levels of overall trust and collaboration across the organization. Visit Organization Development (OD) Process.


It is important to realize that organization development interventions focus on the total culture of an organization, because OD deals with a total system — the organization as a whole, including its relevant environment. Parts of the system (ie. individuals, core values, operating norms, structure, products, etc.) are not considered by themselves or in isolation.  In the field of OD, we appreciate the principle of interdependency and realize that a change in one part of a system affects the other parts.