Talent Resources Planning (TRP)

The HumanVantage® Group will also work with you in developing a formal talent resources process to help identify and develop internal talent pools and build succession depth across your organization. We have a proven track record of effectively aligning strategic, business and human capital plans.

talent resources


A successful talent resource plan will develop strategies and actions in key strategic areas, below is an example of review sections:

  • Proposed Organization Design & Structure Changes to Meet Customer/Market Requirements
  • Leadership Team Talent Assessments & Related Development Actions
  • Succession Planning (2-3+ levels) – Bench Strength Analyses
  • High Potential Talent & Acceleration Plans
  • Growth Forecasting / Workforce Planning / Transfer of Knowledge
  • Key Talent – Mentoring Relationships
  • Employee Retention Risk Analyses
  • Employee Engagement Agenda
  • Any Special Organizational /Strategic Imperatives requiring Updates or Review