Team Effectiveness & High Performance

It seems that just about everything we do in organizations today involves teams – whether it is a global, virtual sales team or a diverse, cross-functional project group, teams are an essential operating body to your organization’s daily effectiveness and overall performance.

We offer a wide array of support for teams…whether a team is dysfunctional and requires an intervention to improve communications or resolve conflict or if the team members are struggling with developing trust and accountability, we can help you address the root cause and move the team forward in their maturation process.  We offer customized team-building retreats and engaging off sites to assist those organizations willing to invest in the team and creating a high performance work group.  

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One popular workshop is our Lumina Spark 8 hour session where team members learn about their individual personality preferences and also receive a team portrait that shows the behaviors and preferences of the full team in three different conditions: natural, work-setting and under pressure or stress.  With its roots in the Big 5 and Myers-Briggs, Lumina Spark is by far much more advanced and comprehensive than simply administering a Myers-Briggs or DISC profile.  Click here to learn more about Lumina Spark


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or here to learn more about our Lumina Sales Program and to schedule a complimentary assessment.